SEO for Etsy Members (Video)

Rand from SEOMoz provided a good overview of SEO designed for Etsy members. I think it can be helpful for any beginner selling products on any ecommerce site. In addition, here’s the link to the main SEO on Etsy post at Vimeo with a downloadable SEO guide (PDF).

Etsy Guide to SEO Workshop from Etsy on Vimeo.

Did you miss our last SEO workshop in Etsy’s Virtual Labs? You can listen to the workshop here and follow along with helpful images and graphs.

We recommend you download Etsy Guide to SEO here:

You can also view the guide online here:

Have a question about your Etsy shop’s SEO? You can add it to our forum thread:

or come to our next live workshop in Etsy’s Virtual Labs! To see the Virtual Labs schedule go here: