SEO for Beginners (Video)

Network Solutions Senior Vice President Stephanie Leffler paid a visit to MSNBC’s “Consultants Corner”, where she talked about how companies can ensure that their Web sites come out at the top of the search engines.

Some highlights:

  • Content – put a lot of information out there; be seen as the foremost authority
  • Links – like a voting system; ask for links; more links are always better (but quality is better than quantity – ed.).
  • Don’t forget about good anchor text, not “click here”
  • Think about meta tags and title tag (editor: the search engines claim not to use Keyword Meta Tags so don’t spend as much effort on this)
  • SEO Companies – stick with bigger names and ask for examples of clients they’ve worded for
  • Each search engine is slightly different but if you do it right for one, it should help with others

If you’re newer to SEO, take a look at this video to get some basic information: