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Test Your SEO IQ Picture, DirectionSEO Just for fun I created this SEO IQ Test. I had it about 90% completed for a while now and finally decided to push it over the finish line, so here it is!

No sign-ups are needed and if you’re at all involved in SEO (or just learning), it should be interesting to see how well you do. It’s 40 questions on 4 pages and should take about 5-10 minutes max. I’ll make the results and key findings available once I get enough people going through it.

Leave your feedback, questions or ideas in the comments section below. Also, if you want to be informed when I release information about the SEO IQ Test, put your info in the sign-up box below.

Test your SEO IQ here!

After you take the quiz you’ll get a score. Jot it down (I know, low tech). After we get enough responses, we’ll post the results, any interesting findings and we may create badges for different score levels. If you want to be informed about this test, the answer sheet or the results, go to sign up below.

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