Ranking on Page 1 in Google…the holy grail.

google page 1 rankingRanking on Page 1 on Google is the holy grail of SEO – especially if it’s a popular keyword phrase. But do you even know if you rank on page 1 for anything? Typically it’s been pretty hard to find out.

SEO Tools to the rescue

But there are a lot of great SEO tools available to help us find out things like this – see the  SEO Tool List here. I’ll show you how to use one of those tools below.

How to find out if you rank on Page 1 in Google

There’s one tool that’s great at finding out if you rank for any of your targeted keyword terms (or even terms you didn’t know you were “accidentally” targeting!). To do this, go to this page and put in your website (I’m a customer and affiliate of SEM Rush, a very cool tool). You can use it to see what you rank for free. Without signing in, they’ll give you a report and show you how many terms you rank for and for what position.

Here’s what the keyword report looks like:

keyword report

Do you have backlinks?

You can also see your backlinks here without logging in or paying. Just go the menu on the left and push backlinks – it shows “no follow” and “follow” (better) links to your site and which page they link to. Run your report on SEM Rush.

backlink report

Did you rank on Page 1 for anything?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear if this helped you.



  1. the most useful seo tool ive found is called rankranger. switched to them recently and they have easy to use seo reports