Search Engine Rank Tracking Tools

A key part of measuring SEO progress is being able to track how your target keywords are doing in the search engines (primarily Google and Bing now). Take a look at these different Rank-Tracking options – also see the SEO Toolkits list as well before you make the final decision.

Keyword tools/LinksCommentsFree or Paid?
I loved this tool but ran afoul of Google (and was cut off from the info for a day) when checking too many keywords at the same timeFree
Seems to be a newer tool. Regularly checks your keyword ranks.Paid
They also have a few other tools on this site (keyword density, link popularity, etc.)Free
Pay for an overall membership with access to a variety of toolsPaid
Software downloadFree and Paid versions
Hosted solution, first 30 days freePaid
Have a very active forum as well for all topics SEOFree to check first 20 positions (first 2 search results pages); paid after that
Software downloadFree version available
One of the older rank-tracking toolsPaid