SEO Tools

To be successful in SEO, tools are a major factor. Tools help you do market and competitive research (keywords, backlinks) measure your progress (keyword ranking) and automate tasks. Check out our tools resource pages.

Backlink Analysis Tools – Check and track the number of sites linking to your site (called backlinks or inbound links). Check the anchor text used or Pagerank of the sites linking to you.  Even better, check the backlinks of your competitors or sites ranking high in the search engines for your top keywords!

Keyword Research and Discovery Tools – Find new keywords, check keyword volume or learn seasonality of searches for your top keywords using these keyword tools.

Keyword Rank Tracking Tools – This is an exercise that requires the use of tools. To measure your SEO progress you have to know how your site is performing for top keywords over time in the search engines. Check out our list of Rank Tracking Tools.

SEO Toolbars and Bundled Toolkits – Multifunction toolbars you can add to your browser save a lot of time and give you important SEO information as you surf.  Comprehensive SEO bundled toolkits can give you an all-in-one solution for your SEO planning and tracking activities.

The Ultimate SEO Tools List – All of the tools we’ve collected on one page.  Get your SEO tracking, research and competitive analysis done with the tools here.