Zen and the Art of SEO Maintenance

SEO tune-up and maintenance like a motorcycle

To keep your small business SEO efforts optimized for the long haul you need to occasionally pull over and do a little tuning up.  Peform these tasks to keep everything firing on all cylinders:

1) On-page Optimization: Make sure you (or your team) are properly doing on-page optimization for any blog posts or other web pages. Are you adding keyword-rich title tags? Are you internally-linking within your site? Optimizing files? Writing at least 200 words of content?

2) Target Keywords List: Refresh your target keyword list – check your analytics, competitors’ sites and check in with your customers about how they find your products or services. Also, has your company introduced any new products or services that require some new keywords to be added?

3) Landing page effectiveness: How’s your bounce rate? Are you getting the conversions you expect? Are things getting stale?

4) Blog Content generation: Have you been regularly creating compelling content? Are you in need of a brainstorming session to get some new ideas?  Do you need to update your editorial calendar? Ask your customers or partners what they might like to see.

5) Main Website content: Are there cobwebs on your main website content? Can you add new content, including some video content or other interactive media (optimized) to liven it up?

6) Link-building: Are you getting link-equity out of your partnerships, volunteer efforts, key industry blogs or directories? How do your links track compared to your competitors?

7) Target keyword rankings: Red, Yellow, Green?  Are you moving up, holding steady or losing ground?  Why?

8) Social Media promotion: Are you promoting your content effectively via Social Media?  Do you have sharing links (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, LinkedIn, etc.) above and below your posts?

9) Blind spots: Are you measuring what you need to? Do you have any blind spots?  Are your tools providing the information you need? How’s the competition doing compared to you in your key metrics?

Don’t get complacent – take the time to tune your SEO and it will serve you well like a well-maintained bike on a long road trip*.

What other SEO maintenance do you recommend?

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*The title is a nod to the classic book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (P.S.), pick up a copy (affiliate); Kindle Version here: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


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