Small Business SEO Tip: Bite Off What You Can Chew

Optimize one area first and then use those lessons learned in other areas

You don’t have to do SEO on every aspect of your business at the same time – especially if your business has several different products or services or if it serves multiple, distinct customer segments. In fact, it may be better to focus on one area first, see improvements and then use those same methods on other parts of the business.

For example, if you’re in the photography business and you do corporate head-shots, weddings and pet photography, you may want to pick your best or most profitable area first and focus your SEO efforts there. Or, you can pick an area that is under-developed or newer and that you want to expand. So to continue the example, you may want to work on wedding photography first. This way you can focus on getting the right target keywords (including local search terms), creating good content for both the search engines and visitors, adding any new pages and/or blog posts, optimizing the on-page SEO of these pages, getting inbound links from wedding directories, partners or clients’ web sites/blogs and then measuring your progress in the search engines and in the number of leads received.

This can easily apply for SEO at a corporation – for example if you sell CRM software you could focus your SEO efforts on CRM software for a specific industry and really optimize there before you move on to other verticals. Of course, these efforts would include the right keywords for that industry, descriptions and case studies showing the benefits specific to companies in that industry, SEO-optimized white papers, videos, pictures or documents and inbound links coming from appropriate industry sites, blogs or directories.

So, for your next SEO effort, how about going deep in one product area, service area or customer segment? What other ideas do you have for making your small business or corporate SEO efforts easier to manage?

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