Matt Cutts video on SEO and WordPress (Video)

Matt Cutts (from Google) gave a 45 minute presentation at Wordcamp (WordPress) 2009. This is a great overview for beginner or intermediate SEO’s and covers many of the fundamental topics.

He also talks about:

  • His 5 favorite plugins for WordPress so if you’re using WordPress, you should definitely watch this
  • An overview of Pagerank and how it relates to SEO
  • Advice on blogging for SEO and the Katamari philosophy of blogging
  • Tips on how to make your adsense more targeted by adding code to your content
  • Tips on Google Analytics and how it can help you with blogging ideas
  • Wordpess security and how to add more security to your wordpress blog via the htaccess file

Highly recommended!

Here’s the link to the Matt Cutt’s SEO presentation as well.