Google Introduces Google New to intro new products, features and functionality

Google has introduced a new page called “Google New” to introduce new products, features and functionality (that’s my interpretation). This can help because the company is known for releasing and updating it’s products at a rapid clip. It’s often hard to keep up unless you’re using the particular tool they’re improving regularly. Also, new, cool products (or some that are just novelties) are often released without too much fanfare.  My feedback is that they should leave more space in the title to get the gist of the change.  It seems that sometimes you need to click on the update to know what’s changing.  Second, I hope they figure out a way to prioritize minor vs. major updates (they should have experience in ranking).

The first revision of the page includes:

  • Introduction of Google Instant
  • Enhancements to Webmaster Tools
  • Email notifications and alerts for Adwords
  • Fonts for Google Docs
  • Visualization of access to information on Google
  • Info about the Orkut Social Network
  • An update to Adsense
  • …and more