Ranking Factors 2010 from Rand Fishkin (Presentation)

This is an interesting presentation from Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz) that he delivered at SMX (Search Marketing Expo) London in May 2010. ┬áIt’s good reading for those who are more advanced in their SEO and are already familiar with the Ranking Factors reports that SEOMoz publishes on a yearly basis.

Some highlights of this presentation include:

  • Link position on a page matters (including order of the link in a list) in terms of how much value each link passes
  • Links in content may be considerably more valuable
  • Tweets have an influence on search engine results for searches on current events

It also covers topics such as Google and Facebook, keyword position in title element, alt attributes, keyword density and more. Some topics require further research to really get the takeaway (convenient links are provided at the bottom of most pages for further reading) and this article is best suited to those who are intermediate or advanced in their SEO knowledge.


SEO Ranking Factors 2010 SMX London