Breaking News: Google’s launches Real Time Search (Video)

Google today launched Real Time Search at:

Try it out, it’s a pretty useful tool for getting a gauge of trending topics. Here’s a screen shot of “SEO” real time results.

The results are made up of :
  • News
  • Blog posts
  • social network posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
You can see the updates streaming real time on your desktop for any particular topic.
Some additional features include:
  • You can look back to other dates and see what the news and discussions were on that particular date
  • You can also specify geographies or “nearby” to see what people are discussing in a particular geography
Real Time Search can be accessed separately or from the main google page. There are actually a lot of ways to access and use the tool so I highly recommend you watch the video below:

Here’s the video introducing the new service: