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SEO Boot Camp Manual for Beginner SEO’s

SEO Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques Designed Especially for Beginners to the SEO Business

This softcover SEO 101 course is designed to teach the practical fundamentals of “the new SEO” as well as some more advanced techniques. You’ll see by what’s included below that it’s designed to be immediately useful for your situation whether you’re a small-business owner, a consultant, a web designer or work for a larger company or corporation.

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Learn the New SEO

We’ve compiled the best tactics, tools and techniques into a manual plus a supplemental appendix (including templates, tools, glossary) coming in at over 220 pages total. This is not just the basic SEO techniques but an integrated strategy (a new, broader SEO) that includes:

  • SEO Dealbreakers: Four things that will make or break your SEO strategy
  • Fundamentals: 19 Essential SEO tactics you need to understand
  • SEO Content Development: The three types of content you need to get right to have effective SEO
  • Social Media/Social Networking: The secret to using Social Media to improve you SEO
  • Link-building: 16 ways to build links and why one method beats the rest hands down
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising: How a pay-per-click advertising test (on Google Adwords) can improve your SEO
  • Niche and Keyword Targeting: An easy 10 step keyword list development checklist
  • Website: Pitfalls with your website that could be holding back your SEO. The best technology to use and where to get it if you’re building a new website
  • Tracking and Measurement: What you need to be tracking to know if your SEO is working or not. Tools to help you measure the critical areas
  • SEO PItfalls: Over 60 common mistakes most people make that impedes their SEO
  • Industry Examples: Packed with examples from different industries so you can get a feel for how it can work for you industry
  • SEO Tools: A list of over 70 tools (many free) that you can use for different aspects of your SEO

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