SEO and Online Marketing Tools

Welcome to my list of favorite Internet Marketing Tools! I only recommend tools here that I have used and really liked. It includes a mix of free and paid tools (some of which I’m affiliate for and highly recommend).

Domain name research:

These are two great tools for domain name research! Okay, there. Now you know my secret!

  • Domize – near instant results for domain availability as you type the letters – very cool!
  • Wordoid – allows you to specificy what you want the domain to contain and it makes a variety of different domain names for you (you need to try it!)

WordPress hosts:

Get your hosting for WordPress here. You can also buy your domain names through them or go to a service like GoDaddy and just “point” the domain name to your host (note: I prefer these two hosts over GoDaddy hosting).

  • Blue Host – My favorie host (that I use today). I like the ease of use and great 24/7 phone support.
  • Host Gator – A lot of people like Host Gator and I used to use it for some of my domains.


Email Marketing

  • AWeber – one of the industry standard mailing list, newsletter and email marketing tools (inexpensive trial available)
  • MailChimp – a good starter mailing list, newsletter and email marketing tool (free to start)

Social Media Tools:

  • Hootsuite – a great Twitter and social media management and scheduling tool
  • Tweetdeck – similar to Hootsuite
  • Buffer – a new tool that allows scheduling of Tweets in a unique way. Can be used in conjunction with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
  • Social Buzz Club – Try a free trial of their service and you’ll get hooked. A great way to increase the distribution reach of your blog posts, webinar invitations, vidoes or other content!
  • Knowem LLC – Protect your brand by gettings signed up with your public username on a huge number of social networking sites.

Blogging / Content Creation:

Content Curation:

  • CurationSoft – Inexpensive and easy to use content curation tool (free trial available)
Blog Add-ons:
  • Comment Luv – The WordPress comment tool that many of the top bloggers use (and that is used on this site)!
  • Gravatar – Get your picture to show up in the comments section of most blogs by creating your gravatar

Pay-per-click Search:

  • 7Search – Great, inexpensive search solutions when you’re tired of paying the high prices for Google Adwords.

SEO / Keyword Research:

  • SEO Boot Camp – SEO manual designed for beginner to intermediate learners
  • Market Samurai – The industry standard keyword research tool. Free trials available and the actual price is very affordable.
  • Google Keyword Tool – A good, free keyword research tool from Google

Miscellanious Tools:

(Work-in-process – this page is always being added to so stop back by!)