Ranking on Page 1 in Google…the holy grail.

Ranking on Page 1 on Google is the holy grail of SEO – especially if it’s a popular keyword phrase. But do you even know if you rank on page 1 for anything? Typically it’s been pretty hard to find out. SEO Tools to the rescue But there are a lot of great SEO tools […]

Google SEO Ranking Factors [infographic]

In order to rank web pages in its search engine, Google uses an algorithm that contains over 200 factors. What that means is that when a search is entered into the search box, Google quickly scans its index of pages to find pages that may match that query. It then ranks them from one to […]

Content Farms or the Smartest SEOs in the World? (Live Blog)

With the Google algorithm update called either Farmer or Panda, Google aimed at low quality content and made an effort to reduce how high this content ranks in its search results. While some thought this was mainly targeting the “content farms” that produce huge volumes of low quality content for SEO purposes and monetizing via […]

Google Instant: 6 Months Later (Live Blog)

Google has been adding forms of seach suggestions into its process for a couple of years, but when it rolled out Google Instant 6 months ago, the calls of “SEO is Dead” rang loudly. People thought Google Instant would dramatically change the search game and make SEO much less relevant. Turns out, SEO is still […]

Local Search Tactics (Live Blog)

This was an interesting panel on Local Search which is a very hot topic in general and in the SEO community. I’ve captured some of the key points at the top and you can get the full transcript below. Moderator: Greg Sterling, Founding Principal, Sterling Market Intelligence Q&A Moderator: Max Thomas, President & Founder, Thunder […]

Live Blogging SMX West (March 8-10, 2011)

We’ll be live blogging sessions from SMX West in San Jose, CA. The Search Marketing Expo runs from March 8th through March 10th. Keynotes include: Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of SearchEngineLand.com. He’ll be given the State of Search Marketing keynote Tristan Walker, Director of Business Development at Foursquare will talk about location-based internet services Author Steven […]

75 Local Citation Sources Prioritized

For Local SEO purposes, having local citations for your business is considered to be one of the most important factors in getting your Website to rank higher in Google’s newly modified local results section. A local citation is a link from an “authoritative” directory, review site or internet yellow pages site linking to your Website. […]

Test your SEO IQ!

Just for fun I created this SEO IQ Test. I had it about 90% completed for a while now and finally decided to push it over the finish line, so here it is! No sign-ups are needed and if you’re at all involved in SEO (or just learning), it should be interesting to see how […]

SEO Trends for 2011 from Rand Fishkin, Will Critchlow, Chris Baggott

Enjoy and let us know what’s missing in the comments! I had the privilege to be on a very interesting Webinar on December 13th about SEO Trends for 2011 featuring Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz, Will Critchlow of Distilled and Chris Baggott of Compendium. I’ve compiled the main trends they highlighted in the post below. If […]

The 6 top-rated Matt Cutts SEO videos

Matt Cutts is famous in SEO circles as the Google employee who gives guidance (hints, tips and advice) on the best search engine optimization tactics for your blog or website. These videos are the top-rated Matt Cutts videos according to YouTube viewers. Enjoy them and leave your input or links to your favorite SEO videos […]